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Whitley County EMS
Our Services

 Basic Life Suport Service

Our Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances are staffed by two, State Certified, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's). BLS units provide basic airway management, orthopedic care, non-invasive interfacility transports, and emergency response.

EMT's may transport patients with pre-existing IV solutions (NS, D5W, and Lactated Ringers), oxygen therapy, and patient monitored medication pumps (insulin, morphine, etc.). BLS interfacility transfers can be scheduled in advance, on a "will-call", or emergency basis, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

Advanced Life Support Service

Advanced Life Support (ALS) service provides patients in emergency and non-emergency  situations with advanced care above the Basic EMT-B Scope of Practice.

Patients requiring IV and medication therapy, advanced airway management (intubation, laryngoscopy, suctioning, etc.), EKG monitoring and treatment, and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), can utilize this service level 24-hours per day, 365 days a year for interfacility transfers or emergency response.

We offer Event First Aid & Stand-by Service  as well.

Other services we provide are:

Airway Procedures
Nasal airway insertion
Oropharyngeal airway insertion
Advanced Airway Procedures
Orotracheal Intubation
Endotracheal Intubation
Needle cricothyroidotomy
Surgical cricothyroidotomy
Basic Cardiac Skills
Relief of airway obstruction
One-rescuer resuscitation
Pediatric resuscitation
Infant resuscitation
Advanced Cardiac Skills
Synchronized cardioversion
Medication Administration
Vascular Access Procedures
Peripheral intravenous cannulation
External jugular vein cannulation
Central venous cannulation
Intraosseous cannulation
Supplemental Oxygen Administration
Nasal cannula application
Oxygen face mask application
Mouth to mask ventilation
Bag-valve-mask ventilation
Immobilization Skills
Extremity immobilization
Traction splint immobilization
Spinal immobilization
MAST application
Other Skills
Emergency childbirth 

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